Mrs. Stacy Frye
Stacy-2013Mrs. Frye has been in administration since 2008.  She began teaching at MCA in 1994 and has taught kindergarten through 8th grade. After being born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, she went to college in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1992, she graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Education. She believes that teaching is a profession that exceeds many others in the rewards received. She firmly believes that teachers have the opportunity to touch and change children’s lives forever. We at MCA believe that is what we are called to do not just by teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, but teaching and training character. We believe in raising champions for Christ.
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Mrs. Rebecca Hart
Executive Administrator
Hart-2014Mrs. Hart has been with the school since its inception in the fall of 1993. In addition to her administrative duties, she directed the annual Christmas production for many years. Since 2002 she has been privileged to share her knowledge through annual seminars with Administrative Assistants at the Association of Christian Schools International Educator Conference. Mrs. Hart enjoys coming to work every day not only because of the wonderful people with whom she works, but also because the students always ensure that no two days are ever the same. She fully embraces the faculty core values: “Everywhere an Example, Excellence in Everything, Everything is in My Job Description”.
Ext. 1100
Mrs. Tahnia Sampaio
Stacy-2013Tahnia Sampaio has been teaching since 2011. She holds an Elementary Education degree as well as a Sociology degree from Worcester State University. Mrs. Sampaio has taught Kindergarten and Pre-K for 3 years and has previous experience in both first and second grade. She is passionate in working with children, helping them build their strengths, and developing their individual learning styles. Tahnia takes pride in working with students who benefit from additional support and guidance. She loves the opportunity to touch children’s lives and make a positive impact on their future. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to complete her Master’s Degree in Special Education.
Ext. 1108
Miss Marjory Ramos
k4Marjory has been working with children for 3 years. She loves teaching and having fun with kids. She enjoys helping kids grow in Christ and pursue an education. She loves the Lord, and strives to teach and encourage children about the Lord at all times. Marjory has been a substitute at MCA, and she loved the experience. She is currently pursuing her Elementary education degree through Liberty University and hopes to touch the lives of her students and help them be successful.
Ext. 1327
Mrs. Cinthya Monteiro
k5Cinthya Monteiro has been working with children since her early teen years and has been leading the youth group along with her husband in her church for many years. She graduated at the top of her class from Mass Bay Community College with Elementary Education degree. She will continue her education by pursuing a degree in Theology and ultimately a Master’s degree. A Christian education is very important to Mrs. Monteiro because it not only builds academic potential in children, but also strong character that will last a lifetime. This is why she is committed to Christian education for all three of her own children. She loves making a difference in children’s lives just as so many wonderful teachers have made in her own.
Ext. 1107
Mrs. Abigail Martinez
First Grade
Mrs. Martinez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Gordon College.  While attending college she was a substitute teacher at MCA. She is very active in the children’s ministry in her church.  She joined our faculty in 2013 and hopes to communicate her love of teaching to her students and instill in them a love of learning.  She also strives to build significant relationships with her students and provide them with meaningful experiences.
Ext. 1103
Mrs. Yolanda Gonzalez
Second Grade
Mrs. Gonzalez has taught elementary and middle school students since 1990. She is a graduate of the Pontifical University of Puerto Rico and has completed several courses at Bridgewater State College. In addition to her regular teaching certification, Mrs. Gonzalez is certified as a Bilingual Teacher in Massachusetts. Mrs. Gonzalez subscribes to the practice of creating a secure, nurturing, motivating and inviting environment for her students and their families. A mother of six and grandmother of six, she lives in Milford with her husband and two of their children.
Ext. 1104
Mrs. Juliana Marques
Third Grade

Mrs. Marques earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human and Family Services from Southwestern Christian University. Not only did she find it beneficial to pursue a Christian education for herself, but she also believes it is of utmost importance to do the same for her child. She is actively involved in the children’s ministry department in her church and has passionately been working with children since her teenage years. She will be furthering her education in guidance counseling in the near future. Her goal as a teacher is to help students succeed academically and spiritually.
Ext. 1105
Mrs. Rebecca Xavier
4th and 5th Grade
Mrs. Rebecca Xavier grew up in Barre, Vermont where she attended Christian school.  After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from  Clearwater Christian College in Florida, she taught for 11 years in a Christian school in Lunenburg, MA.  She taught 4th grade followed by a combined 5th and 6th grade.  Mrs. Xavier and her husband have three daughters.  She loves teaching and is especially passionate about Christian education.
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